Do you want to collaborate?

Do you want to collaborate?

Greetings brothers. We write this for those people who want to collaborate and have a greater participation in the community. Now let's see how you can participate in the community. 

Sharing your setup or build. 

You can know more about this in this article

Writing for the blog 

That's right, you can write articles for our blog about anything related to gaming and computers. If you are an expert or have high knowledge in a very specific area you can write about streaming, armed with computers, or even a review of a product that you have purchased. These are some ideas. 

Keep in mind these rules to share your article on the blog:  

  • It has to be written in a document of google docs. 
  • If it's too long, try to have images. 
  • Share the document with our google email (
  • At the end of the document you have to place a bio of yours, a profile picture (optional), your contact email and a link to the social networks you want to show. 
  • If you talk about a product, make sure that the photos are your property.  

If you create content on YouTube, you can write something short about 200 words about the video and send us the video link for us to place in the article. 

We clarify that we take the right to select which articles will be published and at what time. 

If you know someone who likes to write about these areas and wants to grow their audience, let them know about publishing on our blog 😋 

Setups or builds from others 

Have you seen anything that is worth to share in the community? send us the link where you found it and we will mention you in the publication as a collaborator 👍 

Introduce Hermanos PC 

Some friend or acquaintance who has interests in the gaming world or is an enthusiast for computers, talk to him about the community and invite him to join 😎 

Contributes economically 

If you are in a good economic situation and want to collaborate monetarily so that the community continues to grow and we can continue to create great things, then check our offers section .


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