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We are a digital agency build for present, focus on helping business from the tech industry to improve their presence on internet

Hermanos PC Media
Hermanos PC Media

Social Media

We are focus on growing your social influence

Our strong is Instagram and as it is the red social of the moment is important to be a rock-star on it


How we start with Hermanos PC Media

All this project comes from Hermanos PC, a community for enthusiasts for computers and setups. A passion that we have for this area that takes us to create big things

Our abilities on marketing, design and development we got them through the process of creating and making grow Hermanos PC. With time we realized that we could applied this knowledge in business that we are passionate about and that's why we created Hermanos PC Media, to exclusively work with tech stores and brands from the tech industry.

We bring a fresh vision to your business and our experience with Hermanos PC makes us expert, we know who is your ideal client better than anyone.

Hermanos PC Media

We will help you to increase your sales

Hermanos PC Media

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